Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Do Blondes really have more fun?

Here are a couple of videos showing blonde hair color combos that I've had requests for.
If anyone has any suggestions for future videos, just leave it in the comments below, don't be shy... I don't bite...much! ;)

The finished card can be seen here

finished card can be seen here.


Anne Temple said...

I throughly enjoy your videos and always pick up a few tips. Thanks for doing them for us.

sandi said...

Thank you, I always had a hard time getting it the way I would like it, it was the colors I choose. Can't wait to try with the new colors.

Jenny said...

I love your tutorials- they are always so helpful!! This might sound wierd, but have you ever done a 'fish' colouring guide?? I have seen the mermaids ones and they are awesome, but I feel I need help with fish specifically!! lol! I have the MFT a la mode fishing girl and a few other fishing stamps that I am to afraid to use! Just an idea!!!! Thanks again for all your inspiration:):)

Cindy H. said...

These videos are wonderful, Amy! I learn sooo much from your tutorials :) Thank you!!

Janine said...

thanks for showing