Friday, March 2, 2012

More Copic Storage

Hi guys!
Today I have another Copic storage share from Lisa Gobea. I don't know about you, but I really enjoy checking out all the different ways people keep their markers handy and organized.

Here's what Lisa had to say in her own words:

Unfortunately the shelving units that I use to hold my Sketches in are no longer being made, The people from Quickutz came out with them to store the little dies inside pull out boxes that could be purchased separately. I'm sure you all remember them. The units ran about $20 each. It took me about two months to finally get two units. I had ordered them from three different web stores (including only to be told a week later that they were out of stock. If memory serves me right I ended up getting both of these off of Ebay. They are somewhat heavy and I will admit that I overpaid on the shipping because I wanted them soooooo much. :O) You all know what I am talking about. lol.. Admit it.
I love that I can separate the different color families and still have more room left over for when I finally have my collection completed. The drawers on the bottom come in handy for storing my airbrush system and any extra nibs and whatnot. Overall I am quite satisfied with this set up.

When I first started to collect Copic markers I used little wooden boxes in one of my scrapbooking tool totes. It worked great, but then I ran out of room. I now use the wooden boxes to store the Various refills in. They are stored in my three drawer rolling card that I purchased at Lowe's a very long time ago. It sits right next to my desk so that it is in easy reach. lol... Are you bored yet?

When I first ran across the big Copic Bag on I of course had to order it. I don't usually go anywhere to color, but sometimes I do like to take my Copics to bed so that I can relax.
When I first got my bag I didn't really like the mesh bags that it came with, so I have been trying to come up with the perfect solution. Well, last week I was walking around our Dollar Store when I ran across these cardboard pencil holders. Needless to say for a $1 each I grabbed about ten of them and came home to make it work for me. I did have to cut some of them in half and then take them back up, but I am so so pleased with how they came out. The tote fits them all perfectly and my Copic OCD is happy as I can still keep them in their color families so that I can find the color that I want when I need it.

Thanks so much for sharing Lisa! :)


thebridgeamit said...

first of all, i didn't get bored at all reading your post! I love seeing how others organize! That is 50% ofthe fun!

Thanks for sharing your ideas! It all looks wonderful!

Annette said...

how fun...thanks for sharing..

QuesMom said...

Any container can be turned into Copic storage with fluorescent lighting grid! I love the QK Magpie units and sure wish they would bring them back!

Love are your ideas!


gobeagirl said...

Thanks Amy. You made my post look much more corherant than I had sent it to you as. You really have a nack for putting things together. Thanks, even I read how I store my Copics. lol... :O) Hugs

Carisa said...

I agree, thanks for sharing - and I think we've ALL been there overpaying for something we just HAD.TO.HAVE! LOL I love your set up - those drawers are seriously awesome!!!!

MaRyKaY said...

awesome. I love seeing how people store their copics. I too would love to have one of those storage bags. I totally see her point in the way they (markers) are sloppy with the mesh bags and nice and neat with the boxes. something to keep in mind if I ever get myself one of those bags. which I will someday. (fingers crossed)

Sharon Kirts said...

The Recollection system that our Michaels store has something like this.

I think the measurements are 14.75 x 14.75 x 7? and it has 9 compartments I think.

Michael's has these sets at least 40% off every week - so I'm pretty sure that I paid less than $20 each for the four I bought.

My (old school teacher's desk) craft desk and sewing desk will be facing each other >|< and the at least 3 of the units will be the divider between the 2 desks. The craft desk is 56" long by 32" deep, so I think they will leave plenty of crafting room since they're only as deep as most markers.

Over freezing today in MN --SharonK