Monday, May 31, 2010

Colr Me Copic Team - Meet Traci!

Traci's (aka WickedPixie)

I decided to try this whole "alcohol marker thing" around a year and a half ago and I started with Prismacolor Markers because I could get them at the local craft store using a coupon. When I realized how much I loved coloring with markers I made the investment in Copics because of the refill capabilities and I love the brush like nib! I used to paint with watercolors and I feel like I can get a similar look (although more intense) without the messiness by using Copics.

I am not Copic certified and have not taken any classes. I have spent a lot of time studying other peoples work with copics, and I get so much out of seeing what colors they used so I always make sure I list the colors I use on my cards. I really love the feeling of bringing an image to life just by coloring!


JenRaff said...

Hi, Traci! Your blog is wonderful and your coloring/altering are inspiring!

Amy said...

Your blog was the first blog I favorited when I was trying to decide what Copics I needed to buy, I loved your coloring and that you listed your colors used! It was so much help to me and that is why I always list the colors I use too. :)

Sammi said...

Yay! I Love your work Traci!!

donna mikasa said...

Hi Traci! I'm a big fan of your coloring and altering! Looking forward to absorb any info you share about Copics.