Thursday, June 3, 2010

Question: Sketch or Ciao?

Question from Koty: Which are better, Sketch or Ciao markers?

This is often the number one question people have when getting started with Copics. It's basically a matter of opinion and preference.
  • Ciao markers cost less than Sketch

  • Sketch markers come in 358 colors, Ciao in 180. (as of February 2012)

  • Both Sketch and Ciao's are refillable and the nibs are replaceable. Sketch markers hold more ink, a bottle of Various Ink will refill a Sketch marker 12 times and a Ciao marker 15 times.

  • If you ever get into airbrushing you can use Sketch markers in the airbrush machine, but not Ciaos.

  • The Ciao barrel is round, the Sketch is more oval
  • Sketch markers have their color numbers and names etched on the cap, Ciaos do not.

Bascially, you would be safe buying all Ciao's and then just buying what Sketch markers you need to fill in a color scheme. Up to you!


Emma said...

I'm a sketch girl! I love that I can see what marker I am grabing as it has the color written on the cap. Plus i am planning on airbrushing sometime soon, just need to convince my hubby that I NEED a compressor...hehe!

test said...

I started with Ciao markers because they were cheaper and I didn't know how long my obsession would last. However, I now own plenty of sketch markers and I must say I do appreciate the etched numbers written on the caps. FYI you can airbrush with the Ciao's, it is just a matter of manual holding the pen in the airbrush since it is too small to "click" into the airbrush.

LORi said...

Thanks so much for the information!!! Looking forward to what you all have to share with us!!


Aussie TM5 Thermomixer said...

really helpful - great post!

ChickieChirps said...

I like the Sketch markers... They are oval, not round, so they don't roll off the table!!!


JenRaff said...

I started with the Ciao for the very reason that they were cheaper and I wasn't sure if I would use them and get my money's worth -- but I have used them quite a bit and now just add the sketch markers little by little.

Tricia Williams said...

Great post, Thankyou. Looking at buying my first 5 sketchs this week!!