Thursday, January 26, 2012

Copic storage

Hi friends!

We recently had a request asking if the CMC gals would share each of our Copic storage systems and Carisa, Rachel, and myself were all more than happy to show you what works for us. It turned out to be a fun way to see that there are probably as many different ways to store them as there are Sketch markers, LOL! :)

First up is Carisa:
Carisa has a series of small stacked shelves that house her markers and sit on her desk. The shelf in the middle was a blog win. Then that company stopped making them before she could buy more so her handy hubby made the other two to match.

This is a pic of the fun Carisa is having in decorating her Copic shelves and further beautifying her crafty space.
Next up is Rachel:
Rachel uses the desktop marker rack that holds 112 Sketch markers, which she purchased from They are available in a few different sizes and she thinks that you can even have them engraved/personalized on the front. Rachel likes this system because she can easily store and see all of her markers in a very organized way.

Finally we have my (Amy's) system:
Because I already had a pegboard situated on the wall in front of my crafty desk I wanted a way to suspend my markers from it. That way they would be right in front of me while I worked but still up and out of the way a bit.
My solution came in the form of small, cheap plastic crates that I found at Walmart.
I think they were about $2.99 each and they are the perfect depth for holding my markers.
Because I didn't want my markers sliding through the holes in the back, I simply cut a sheet of cardstock to size and placed it within before adding the Copics.
I did leave the top row of holes free so that I could slide each crate onto the longest pegs that I had for my pegboard. And as you can see from my first pic, this also creates a little shelf that I inevitably stack bits of this and that on top of too. ;)
My refill bottles took over a Making Memories Slice desktop shelf thing that I already had. They fit nicely and I keep my extra nibs, tweezers, and cloth scraps that I use with the colorless blender solution in that little drawer.
Now we were also asked to share how we travel with our markers but come to find out, none of us really do a lot traveling with our Copics. On the rare occasions that I've taken mine anywhere I simply pulled the ones I would need for the image I planned on coloring and took them in a large Ziploc plastic bag. Which has worked fine so far.
Though I did look into this a bit and came across this Copic carrying case that holds 380 Sketch markers. I love those individual little bags inside that keep them all organized! I think that if I ever find myself in the situation of needing to travel with my markers for a coloring weekend or what not, this is definitely the way I will go. :)

I hope that you found this helpful and informative and if you happen to have a Copic storage and/or traveling system that you are proud of and would like to share here on the CMC blog, then just send a photo or two with a brief write-up to and we will post it! :)


THERESA said...

Super storage ideas, but, wow, Amy, you do have some and more, can i come and play at your house.......
lotsa luv

Rosa Witten said...

Cool! I love to see how people store their Copics. I agree that the Copic carrier bag is the way to go if you need to take them all with you.
Thanks for sharing.

Cindy H. said...

Right now I have 6 plastic cubes with 3 clear drawers in each cube. With 18 drawers, I can keep each color in its own drawer, with the exception of the E's, they take up 2 drawers, and the grays, I put them all in one drawer because I don't have all of them - yet, lol.

cdm317 said...

Great storage ideas. Mine are currently in 2 baskets inside pen holders I found for a dollar in AC Moore. I like your storage much better! :-)

Janine said...

i need more copics,hahahha