Friday, August 27, 2010

Curly Hair Video Tutorial by Amy Young!! Challenge #3

The fabulous Miss Amy Young over at A Thousand Sheets of Paper has put together an AWESOME video on how to color curly hair! We all know how well she colors and she was kind enough to use some of her vacation time to try and help the rest of us out ;0) This also marks Challenge #3 here at CMC - We are challenging you to try your hand at coloring curly hair!

Sweet November is also sponsoring this challenge! There will be TWO winners this time and each of them gets a new stamp that you haven't even seen yet from Amy's upcoming "Twisted Sisters" line ;0) If you like these gals make sure to stay tuned to Amy, Traci & Rachel's blogs starting on August 31 for Sweet November previews and to see three more of her new fairies!

Prize #1 Jessamine

Prize #2 Caladium

Image by: The Greeting Farm

Challenge fine print:
Use Amy's curly hair technique on your project of choice
NEW creations only (we check)
You can use any stamps you'd like
Link it up here by September 8th
Winners will be chosen by
DT will pick some of our favorite creations to showcase

Thanks for joining us!
~The CMC Team~

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Challenge #2 - Winner & Showcase

Thanks to all those who participated, you all really nailed the technique, we were very impressed.  I used and it came up with...#10 the fabulous MacKenzie! Congrats MacKenzie, email us @ CMC and we'll get your prize to you :0)

STAY TUNED TOMORROW for our next challenge!! Amy Young has some fun stuff for us....and yes, that's all the hint you get, lol.  You'll really want to check out this challenge though.

Here is the showcase of some of our fave entries (in no particular order):

By Leanne Poe

By Donna Mikasa

By MacKenzie Bruckler

~The CMC Team~

Friday, August 20, 2010

Creating Concrete and Grass Background

The super sweet and fabulous MazKenzie has provided another awesome tutorial for us today on how to create concrete sidewalks and grass!

MacKenzie Bruckler

Today I thought I'd share a simple tutorial on how I drew the sidewalk and grass on the card below. Using a Copic multi-liner pen and a straight edge, draw in a sidewalk.
Continue until your sidewalk is the size you want it.
Here's what mine looked like when I was done.
Start with a Copic C7 and go around all the edges.
(I use the chisel tip for all of these steps)
Next, blend in C5 around the edges.
Finally, fill in with C3.

I usually like to add a little grass also.
To do that, I make a thick line with the chisel tip of YG17.
(This will help avoid white spaces in between your blades of grass)
Choose a darker shade of green, and make small strokes with the brush tip.
Then fill in with various shades to finish off.
Here's what my finished image looks like.
I really hope this was helpful! Give it a try!
Thanks for stopping by.

Images by Pink Cat Studio

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

CMC Challenge #2 - Kim's Grass Tutorial!

We are so excited to bring you another challenge here at Color Me Copic!  There is a brand new digi store you may not have heard about called Karber Digital Images and they have graciously agreed to offer up two free digis to our challenge winner!

For this challenge we thought it would be fun to go back to Kim's Grass Tutorial.  You have until 8/25 to make a card or other project using Kim's fun technique and link it up here.  You can use any stamps you'd like just make sure you are linking to new projects only please!  The winner of the challenge will be chosen by and we will showcase some of our favorite projects again.

Some more grass examples from Kim:

Have fun and thanks for joining us!
~The CMC Team~

Friday, August 13, 2010

Lysa's Black Hair Video Tutorial

Please welcome our Guest Contributor, Lysa from Lysa's Crafty Creations!

My name is Lysa and I LOVE everything about being crafty. I've been stamping & scrapbooking for about 6-7ish years now, and you can find me in my craft room any spare moment I get!

I 'discovered' Copics about 2 years ago- and got my first set of 72 from my husband for Christmas that year and haven't looked back since! I am not Copic certified- I've learned everything I know from blogs and videos and adapted them into my own style.

Here's her FABULOUS video on how to color "shiny" black hair:

Friday, August 6, 2010

Changing Colors Tutorial by Rachel

So I have this beautiful image and these beautiful papers that I want to use with it. The problem? I don't have the correct color tones to match the paper! So this is a quick tutorial on what I do when I need to "dirty" something up/tone it down, whatever you want to call it ;0)

I color the image first with colors that match the papers as close as I can. 

The colors on the paper are pretty, but a bit muted so I am going to add a marker with a grey tone in it, in this case YG93.  You do NOT have to use this specific marker, most markers with grey tones will work, this is just the one I personally prefer.

 I don't want to touch the pink or the olive green colors because they are fine as they are, but I do want to tone down the blues and oranges and the brighter green.  I use my YG93 to start in the darker areas and do a single light layer up to the lighter areas.  On my orange I didn't want to mess with the light orange area much so I stayed away from it, but on the blue I really want to change the whole tone so I colored over the whole area.

There isn't a huge, dramatic difference, but if you look at the orange, blue and bright green they are toned down a bit and match the paper a bit better (click on pic for larger one).

I also did the same thing on the leaves of the tree on this card; the turquiose I had was just not the right shade so I swiped it with my YG93 to tone down the color a bit:

Images by Pink Cat Studio