Copic Color Lists and General Info

Which are better, Sketch or Ciao markers?
This is often the number one question people have when getting started with Copics. It's basically a matter of opinion and preference.

  • Ciao markers cost less than Sketch
  • Sketch markers come in 358 colors, Ciao in 180. (as of February 2012)
  • Both Sketch and Ciao's are refillable and the nibs are replaceable. Sketch markers hold more ink, a bottle of Various Ink will refill a Sketch marker 12 times and a Ciao marker 15 times.
  • If you ever get into airbrushing you can use Sketch markers in the airbrush machine, but not Ciaos.
  • The Ciao barrel is round, the Sketch is more oval
  • Sketch markers have their color numbers and names etched on the cap, Ciaos do not.
Bascially, you would be safe buying all Ciao's and then just buying what Sketch markers you need to fill in a color scheme. Up to you!

Starter Colors
These are good lists of frequently used colors for people just starting their Copic collections


• Skin R00, E00,E11,R20 (for cheeks)

• Hair E50,E53,E55,E57 (blonde)

• Red R22,R24,R27,R29,R39

• Blue B91,B93,B95,B97,B99

• Green YG03,YG25,YG17 (I tend to use more lime greens)

• Yellow Y02,Y06,Y08 (But I am not in love with my yellow)

• Orange YR15,YR16,YR18

• Pink R81,R83,R85

• Purple/Lavender V01, V15,V06


• Skin – E11, E00, E000, R20 (blush)

• Hair (I picked Brunette) – E29/39/35

• Red – R89/27/24

• Blue – B06/04/02/01

• Green – YG09/07/06 or Traci's green, LOVE Traci's green

• Yellow – Y17/13/08

• Orange – YR68/16/ Y38

• Pink – R85/83/81

• Purple – V17/15/12

This is my Copic "cheat sheet" with all my colors. Not very exciting but I use it all the time when trying to match colors:


• Skin - E000, E00, E11, R20

• Hair - E55, E57, E59

• Red - R24, R29, E07

• Blue - B00, B01, B04, B06

• Grreen - YG01, YC03, YG25, YG17

• Yellow - Y13, Y15, Y17

• Orange - YR12, YR 04, YR18

• Pink - ( I just had to break this into blue tone and red tone)

• Blue tone Pink RV00, RV10, RV11

• Red tone Pink R00, R21, R22

• Purple/Lavender - V01, V05, V06


• Skin - E000, E11, E13, R20 (for cheeks)

• Hair(blonde) - E50, E53, 0

• Red - R24, R46 (darker blend), R14 (lighter blend)

• Blue - B93, B97(darker blend), B91 (lighter blend)

• Green - G21, G94 (darker blend), YG11 (lighter blend)

• Yellow - Y32, Y35 (darker blend), E50 (lighter blend)

• Orange - YR68, E97 (darker blend), YR65 (lighter blend)

• Pink - RV23, RV35(darker blend), RV21 (lighter blend)

• Purple/Lavender - I really don't use these colours much and would simply colour match with the papers I'm using! I have some as part of set within my collection! I have coloured these images to give you an idea how they might look :)


• Skin - E000, E00, E11, R20, R21

• Hair - Blonde: Y21, Y26, Y28 Brunette: E30, E34, E35, E57, E59

• Red - R20, R21, R22, R24, R27, R29, R39

• Blue - B0000, B91, B93, B97, B99, BG0000, BG72, BG75, BG78

• Green - G0000, G82, G85

• Yellow - Y32, Y35, Y38

• Orange - YR0000, YR61, YR65, YR68

• Pink - RV0000, RV000, RV21, RV23, RV25, RV29

• Purple/Lavender - BV0000, BV000, BV01, BV02, BV04

Color Favorites
Here are some colors that didn't make our "starter" list but that we all enjoying using


• Turquoise-BG11,BG32,BG13,BG15


• Darker Green - YG17, G07, G29

• Light Denim - B93, B95, B97

• Dk. Denim - B95, B97, B99

• Khaki - E30, E31, E35

• Cotton white - E40, E41, 0


• Darker Green (great for Christmas stuff) – G29/28/24/21

• Khaki Green – YG 99/97/95/93

• “Denim” blue – B39/37/34/32

• “Basic” blue – B28/26/24/21

• White blonde hair or khaki pants – E55/53/50

• Grey – (cool) C9/7/5/3/1


• Colourless blender - it's THE best for so so many techniques,

• B60 I like for shadows around my stamped images,

• E40 I use for shadow tones on white,

• Generally I will colour match my markers to the patterned papers, I select the colours that I think match on scrap paper, then just use them for my image.


• Colourless Blender - an absolute must have. I wouldn't be without it for fixing mistakes and for various techniques.

• All of the light pastels (sketch only): B0000, BG0000, BV0000, C00, G0000, R0000, RV0000, Y0000, YG0000, YR0000, V0000, W00 I find these invaluable for blending and leaving contrast areas.

• Greens - I love this combo for leaves/grass: G20, G21, G24, G28, G29

Skin Tones
Our personal skin tone favorites:


• African American – E57,E59,E49

• Caucasian – R20,E00,E11

• Latino/Asian – E00,E11,E13,E15


• African American – E37/35/33

• Caucasian – E11/00/000

• Latino/Asian – E13/11/00


• African American – E31, E34, E37, R22

• Caucasian – E000, E00, E11, R20

• Latino – E30, E21, E33, R20

• Asian - E50, YR000, E51, R20


• African American – E57, E74 (dark blend), E35 (light blend)

• Caucasian – E000, E11, E13(dark blend), R20 (blush)

• Latino/Asian – E13, E35 (dark blend), E21 (light blend)


• African American – E25, E27, E21, E13, E11, E02, R32 (blush)

• Caucasian – E0000, E000, E00, E11, R20, R21, R22 (blush)

Hair Colors
Here are our personal suggestions on hair color combos that we love to use:


• Black – C3,C5,C7,C9,110

• Dark Brown – E44,E47,E49 (ash brown, rather than Dark)

• Med Brown - E21,E25,E27,E29 (warm brown)

• Light Brown – E13,E15,E17,E18 (Light reddish brown)

• Blonde – E50,E53,E55,E57

• Alternate, more yellow blonde – E50,Y21,Y26,Y28

• Red/Auburn – E02,E08, E19,E18

• Alternate, brighter Red Hair-YR00,YR04,YR07,YR09,E09


• Black – 110, C9, C7

• Dark Brown - E49/29/39

• Med Brown - E29/39/35

• Light Brown – E37/35/33

• Blonde – Y28, YR21, Y 21

• Another blonde Y28, YR23, Y23

• Red/Auburn – E18/19/08/09


• Black – C3, C5, C7, C9, 100, 0

• Dark Brown - E25, E27, E29, E49

• Med Brown - E35, E37, E57, E59

• Light Brown – E50, E53, E34, E57

• Blonde – Y21, Y23, YR21, YR24

• Light blonde E50, E51, E53, E55, 0

• Red/Auburn – YR04, YR07, E09, E18

• Light Red - Y21, Y23, YR21, Y38, E97, E99


• Black – 100, W-3, W-1

• Dark Brown – E47, E79 (dark blend), E57 (light blend)

• Med Brown – E35, E47 (dark blend), E53 (light blend)

• Light Brown – E43, E35 (dark blend), E53 (light blend)

• Blonde – E50, E53 (dark blend), 0 (light blend) (sometimes E97 to the ends)

• Red/Auburn – E08, E99(dark blend), E97 (light blend) Here's an example of my hair colour's the one that has changed slightly would be the brown hair colour range.


• Black: C00, C1, C3, C5, C8, C10, 100, sometimes B60 for the highlights

• Blonde: Y21, Y26, Y28 (dark blonde) OR E50, E51, E53 (light blonde)

• Brown: E31, E34, E35, E57, E59 OR E71, E74, E77, E79

• Red: E11, E13, E17, E19