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Rachel (AKA ~Rach)
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I was introduced to Copics in July/August of 2009 and was hooked right away! I used to use Prismacolor pencils before but nothing compares to the eye-popping colors that you can get using Copics, I love them because they really make an image come to life.

I don't have any formal classes or training, it's all self taught so I really consider every piece I color to be practice. I've learned most of what I have by imitating other people's coloring that I love, by watching some great tutorials on YouTube and by asking lots of questions. My hope is that this site will help all of you by having a bit of everything all in one place!


I first got serious about Copics just over a year ago and began searching the internet for all the information I could get on them before finally committing to an actual purchase. As soon as I received my first order and started playing around with them, I was hooked! I've never taken any Copic classes and I'm not certified, everything I know comes from reading other blogs and through trial and error. I love experimenting with different color combinations and feel like I'm always learning something new when it comes to these fantastic, fun and highly addictive markers. ;)

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Elaine aka Quixotic

I was given my first Copic markers as a gift a couple of years ago.  I had been keen to try them, and spent hours studying various blogs and reviews, agonising over whether or not to take the plunge.  I was so excited to receive a small set as a gift, but it wasn't until much later that I really got to grips with them and really fell in love. 

I am not Copic certified and am completely self-taught.  Many talented bloggers have provided the information and inspiration I needed to develop my colouring skills!  I love to experiment and I still spend a lot of time studying other people's colouring and techniques, picking up tips and colour combos.



I can't remember now what I used before my copics ha ha ha, I think I actually didn't stamp then, I was very into die cutting! But I did have a collection of dried up alcohol markers from way back when I used them at college. Called magic markers I think, I also tried promarker brush pens that you filled with ink, slightly time consuming and you could never get the same colour tone twice.

When the stamping bug finally caught hold of me I went straight for a large set... yes!!! the only thing I wanted was a good range of different colours so bought a 72 sketch marker set D all the way from Japan ha ha ha, I think I waited over a month for them to arrive! THAT was over two years ago... I haven't got my certificate yet but I certainly intend to this year as I have found a contact here in UK now WOO HOO!

For me I think it's about practice really, I couldn't begin to tell you the amount of images I have coloured in, I think also having an arty background has helped me with shadows and highlights. I can see improvement in my own copic colouring all the time, my copic family are growing too and still totally LOVE them.

Thanks for stopping by HuGs Kim :)

Traci (aka WickedPixie)
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I decided to try this whole "alcohol marker thing" around a year and a half ago and I started with Prismacolor Markers because I could get them at the local craft store using a coupon. When I realized how much I loved coloring with markers I made the investment in Copics because of the refill capabilities and I love the brush like nib! I used to paint with watercolors and I feel like I can get a similar look (although more intense) without the messiness by using Copics.

I am not Copic certified and have not taken any classes. I have spent a lot of time studying other peoples work with copics, and I get so much out of seeing what colors they used so I always make sure I list the colors I use on my cards. I really love the feeling of bringing an image to life just by coloring!